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About the Firm

albany-picSince 1919, when two distinguished Capital Region attorneys, William C. Maynard and Gerald W. O’Connor formed a partnership for the practice of law, the Maynard, O’Connor law firm has been a hallmark for legal expertise throughout upstate New York.

Today, 99 years later, Maynard, O’Connor, Smith & Catalinotto, LLP, has a team of over a dozen attorneys and associates working for clients out of three upstate New York offices.

Since the firm’s inception, a substantial portion of our practice has centered on the broad area of civil litigation in both New York State and Federal Courts. Throughout this entire period of time, we have also offered comprehensive legal services in the areas of Personal Injury, Business and Corporate Law, Construction Law and Litigation, Criminal Law, Professional Licensing, Trusts and Estates.

At Maynard, O’Connor, we pride ourselves on the important things:

  • Our partners and attorneys work everyday to help our clients with the best possible legal representation.  Every attorney works with our clients and every attorney evaluates him or herself on the successful resolution of matters for our clients.  There is nothing more important.
  • Our team subscribes to the highest code of ethics in our industry.  We work for our clients and want them to feel comfortable knowing that we are only here to help them.  We work to ensure that each of our clients feels that they are the most important client we have.
  • We strongly believe in our team and our community.  Working together, we strive to improve our community through charitable and civic contributions and efforts.  This makes us all better attorneys and people.

Because of our history, values and people, our clients often stay with us for decades.  We’ve been here for them for 98 years and will continue to be far into the future.


What our clients have to say:

When a company legal issue began spiraling out of control, Maynard, O’Connor provided resolution with logic and surgical expertise to satisfy both parties.close