Anne-Jo Pennock McTague Appointed to Court Examiners Advisory Committee in the Third Judicial Department

Anne-Jo Pennock McTague was appointed to the newly formed Court Examiners Advisory Committee in the Third Department with regard to the standards, practices, forms, oversight and data base information, as they relate to Article 81 Guardianships. Article 81 proceedings are required when an Alleged Incapacitated Person requires an advocate and an individual to marshal their assets, assure medical, legal and daily living needs are met. The Alleged Incapacitated Person (AIP) is typically some one who has no power of attorney or health care proxy. These individuals may be in a hospital or other facility or home, and require important decisions to be made regarding their living arrangements, medical care, and day to day activities such as bill paying and applying for benefits entitled to. The petition is brought, together with an Order to Show Cause, to the Court for an eventual hearing to appoint a Guardian of the Person, Guardian of the Property or both.