Through our business and commercial practice we provide many services to our clients, including assisting in selecting the type of business organization under which to operate; preparing organizational, purchase, and sale agreements; and advising on financing, human resources, and employee relations matters and dissolution.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with our business clients, due in large part to our providing them with honest, well-researched business advice. We make every effort to understand the needs of each business in order to dispense creative legal solutions for each problem presented to us.

Should a dispute require litigation, our attorneys have the resources and ability to navigate even the most complex issues. Whether it is a contractual issue, a shareholder or partnership dispute, or a labor and employment dispute, business and commercial litigation typically involves intensive and specialized investigation into the business affairs of the involved parties. Our attorneys possess the requisite expertise and attention to detail to enable them to analyze and provide solutions to issues quickly and efficiently.