Firm successful in defense of FOIL claim

The firm successfully defended the Chief of the Chestertown Volunteer Fire District in a claim arising out of a Freedom of Information Law request. In the matter of Maxam and Hayes v. Chestertown, the plaintiffs alleged that the Fire Company and the Chief of the Fire District improperly denied their requests for documents. The firm moved to dismiss the claim against Chief Crossman and demonstrated that he was not a proper party and played no role in responding to the demands. Supreme Court agreed, found that the plaintiff’s claim had no merit, dismissed the case in its entirety, and awarded costs to the defendants. The plaintiffs appealed to the Appellate Division, Third Department. Rob Rausch argued the appeal on behalf of Chief Crossman. In a Decision rendered on March 29th, the Appellate Division affirmed, and unanimously agreed that there was no merit to the claim against Chief Crossman.