Firm successful in representation of victims of illegal “trash-out” and “lockout” cases

As a result of the mortgage foreclosure crisis, banks and mortgage companies often take aggressive steps to seize the properties of delinquent homeowners, including locking homeowners from their properties and hiring contractors to clean out their homes. Unfortunately, on occasion, although a struggling homeowner has been able to satisfy their debt and avoid foreclosure, the loan servicer fails to act in time, and neglects to stop the hired contractor from seizing the homeowner’s property. This results in what is known as “illegal trash-out” cases. Courts have treated such claims harshly and have awarded the victims of these losses with the value of the property lost as well as punitive damages. The firm has successfully represented victims of such wrongful foreclosure/ “trash-out” in New York Courts and has the experience and expertise to handle this complex litigation against banks who cannot seem to get it right. For further information and assistance, please contact Concetta Lomanto.