Marathoning Maynards!

The marathoning lawyers of Maynard, O’Connor were recently featured in a profile in the Albany Times Union.  Every week, the business section of the newspaper features local workers who also enjoy unique hobbies and activities.  This week, the paper noted the accomplishments of Rob Rausch, Kathleen Barclay, Adam Mandell, and Ben Hill, who collectively have run 10 marathons.

The Times Union noted that it is unique for a law firm of this size to have tallied so many marathons.  Rob commented that he’s always impressed with anyone who has completed marathons, because they’ve demonstrated a high level of dedication, commitment, and ability to arise above adversity – aptitudes crucial for success in litigation.

Rob ran the Marine Corps Marathon in ’07, the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon in ’08, the Dublin Marathon in ’09, and the Vermont City Marathon in ’10.  Kathleen completed the Baltimore Marathon in ’07 and the Boston Marathon in ’08.  Adam ran the Boston Marathon in ’03 and the NYC Marathon in ’07.  Ben competed in the Columbus (OH) Marathon in ’04 and the Vermont City Marathon in ’09.

The running lawyers of Maynard, O’Connor: we go the distance for you!

Kathleen, Rob & Ben – Ready to Log More Miles!