Maynard O’Connor Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment

Adam Mandell obtains a successful result for a business owner in “trip and fall” case. In that case, the plaintiff alleged serious personal injuries resulting from a trip and fall accident at her place of employment. Specifically, the plaintiff alleged that an interior step within her office violated the New York State Building Code, was dangerously high, not visible and required a handrail. Through the submission of expert proof, Mr. Mandell established that the provisions of the New York State Building Code which were allegedly violated were not applicable to the premises. Mr. Mandell also successfully discredited his opponent’s expert’s opinions by showing that they lacked the necessary evidentiary foundation. Using the plaintiff’s own testimony, Mr. Mandell showed that the plaintiff had gone up and down the same step hundreds of times before without incident, demonstrating that it was not dangerous. The Court agreed, and granted summary judgment in the defendant’s favor.

Concerning this recent victory, Mr. Mandell said, “whether advocating for the plaintiff or the defendant, the attorneys at Maynard O’Connor obtain the best results possible for our clients, through aggressive representation and thorough preparation.”