Maynard Partner Successful in Defense of Albany Medical Center

Maynard, O’Connor Partner Thomas G. Daley, successfully defended a medical malpractice lawsuit venued in Rensselaer County.  The case, the Estate of Clow v Albany Medical Center Hospital and Albany Medical College, involved an allegation that the decedent was improperly and inadequately treated and monitored for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.  The plaintiff contended that the defendants allowed a condition known as abdominal compartment syndrome to develop which caused the death of Mr. Clow. Expert medical proof was produced for the consideration of the jury that established that when abdominal compartment syndrome did develop, it was immediately detected and treated.  Further, the medical evidence established that the true cause of death was an underlying heart condition which was essentially untreatable.  The trial started on June 1, 2010 and a jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendants on June 11 after deliberating approximately seven hours.