Michael E. Catalinotto Prevails at Trial in Defending Anesthesiologist

Michael E. Catalinotto successfully defended an anesthesiologist and his group in a case in the Dutchess County Supreme Court. The plaintiff claimed that as a result of the malpractice committed by her anesthesiologist in performing a femoral nerve block following total knee replacement surgery, she suffered a permanent injury to her femoral nerve and the loss of the use of her right leg. Through the use of expert testimony and anatomic drawings, Mr. Catalinotto was able to demonstrate to the jury that the plaintiff’s injury to her femoral nerve was not caused by femoral nerve block but was caused by the compression from the tourniquet used by the non-party surgeon. The Jury found that the anesthesiologist and his group had not committed medical malpractice.

Mr. Catalinotto is the senior partner in the Albany law firm of Maynard, O’Connor, Smith & Catalinotto, LLP.