We are Warriors!

On September 18th, four employees of Maynard, O’Connor – Partner Rob Rausch, Systems Administrator Susan Dressler, Office Services Clerk Chad Brady, and Receptionist Natalie Nardacci – participated in the Warrior Dash, in Windham, NY. The Warrior Dash is a 3.23-mile race up and down Windham Mountain, and requires participants to complete a variety of obstacles, such as crawling through tunnels, climbing rope walls, running through a swamp, sliding down a slope, crawling through mud under barbed wire, and leaping over fire pits. Team Maynard finished muddy, bloody, and burnt, but with smiles on their faces. (This is the extent to which the “legal warriors” here are prepared to go for you!)

Partner Rob Rausch Braves Frigid Swamp Waters in September’s “Warrior Dash”!