Attorney Adam Mandell Successful at Trial

Attorney Adam Mandell obtained a successful jury verdict while defending our clients at trial. The case was venued in Delaware County, and involved a plaintiff who claimed serious personal injuries following a fall on the exterior stairs at a commercial property owned by our clients. More specifically, the plaintiff claimed she was caused to fall due to a piece of decking protruding from the side of the façade of the stairs. During the trial, the defense offered several witnesses, including the commercial tenant, to whom the plaintiff previously admitted that she “wasn’t paying attention and missed the last step”, contrary to what she was claiming in the case. The defense also offered experts in orthopedic surgery and biomechanics, demonstrating that the types of fractures the plaintiff was diagnosed with following this fall, could not have been caused in the manner in which she claimed she fell. Ultimately, the Jury agreed, and entered a verdict in favor of the defendants.  Of the recent win, Adam said, “I’m pleased we were able to provide our clients with peace-of-mind and closure.”